Fractal d.o.o. | Power Systems Wind Solar Croatia
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Fractal d.o.o.

Company Fractal d.o.o. Split was founded in 1994, with power system engineering software development as primary business area. Through the years of constant growth it became recognized as a reliable partner in five main areas of activity:

  • Services and consulting in renewable energy projects development - primary wind and solar
  • Studies, research and consulting in power system engineering
  • Electrical design for HV/MV systems
  • GIS services
  • Software in power system engineering

Company development � human resources combined with the latest technology

After the initial breach in the field of software development, Company expanded the area of activity offering other services in power system engineering; including studies, research and consultancy. Development in area of renewable energy and electrical design followed, with each growth based primarily on the staff competence. Specialization and usage of latest software technology, both commercial and self-developed, ensures constant improvement as the only way to meet the future challenges.

Countries and clients � regional activity, global cooperation

Registered and situated in Croatia, Company focuses on the region as the primary zone of activity. It includes Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia. Clients are both local and international, comprising power system utilities, developers and investors in renewable energy sources.

Services � flexibility as the core element

All services offered by Fractal d.o.o. can be conducted trough very flexible models, from development of minor project parts specified by the client, to complex turn-key service including management and development of designated project area. Flexibility in contract terms includes the possibility of success-fee model, individual engagement of employers, resources, logistics etc.

Partners � gather the experts to offer full service

Intensive cooperation with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture in Split, ensures that the wide range of highly specialized services that Fractal d.o.o. offers is covered by the experts in given fields. Some specific projects can be conducted over the faculty, meeting the client's needs. It primarily applies to more complex studies and projects in the field of power systems engineering as well as the research activities. Fractal d.o.o., in cooperation with other partners � privately held companies, offers full turnkey services in renewable energy sources project development, ensuring swift performance and single line of responsibility.

Independence � working for the Client

Fractal d.o.o. is completely independent company regarding the interests in other companies dealing with production, sales, construction or maintenance of power system equipment. Fractal d.o.o. is completely independent of companies having permits/concessions etc. in renewable energy projects and other power system projects. As the Company and its owners have no ownership or interest in other companies, as well as no preference contracts/deals with other companies, the Client, being a developer, investor or a bank, can always relay on objective assessment and services in Client's best interest.