Measurement / energy yield assessment

Professionally installed and operated solar radiation measurementsrepresent valuable data, interesting for other project developers in wider region, and fundamental factor in site quality assessment, both handled by experienced staff using renowned software solutions.

Services provided:

  • Measurement site identification
  • Issuing permits for measurement equipment installation
  • Equipment specification, supply, installation and commissioning
  • Measurement installation report
  • Equipment supervision and maintenance, regular data retrieval and periodic reporting
  • Measurement data monitoring/management
  • Site visit and terrain assessment
  • Establishment of digital 3D terrain model and obstacles mapping
  • On-site measurement data quality assessment, validation and analysis
  • Long term reference data quality assessment and statistical analysis
  • Long term prediction using standard Measure Correlate Predict (MCP) methods
  • Uncertainty assessment
  • Variant design, array optimization and analysis
  • Final solar power plant design
  • Calculation of the annual energy production (AEP) including array and other losses with exceedance probability values
  • Extreme wind and climate conditions assessment (if wind measurement available)
  • Visualization